1. How to Choose a Toilet - People don't often realize how many choices are available for toilets. It's not just the standard two-piece single flush style anymore. All different shapes, sizes, colors and water usages are available on today's market. Learn more about how to choose the right toilet for your home in our toilet selection guide article.

    Customize Your Toilet With a Bidet - Most people don't think you can add a bidet to your current toilet but it's easier than you think. Technology has perfected the toilet seat bidet and at an affordable price. Learn more about turning your toilet into a bidet.

    Choosing a Bidet for Your Bathroom - Not just a European staple anymore! The bidet is vastly gaining popularity in the states. Learn more about the different styles of bidets on the market and how you can incorporate them into your bathroom routine.

    Dual Flush Toilets - These toilets are gaining popularity fast and for a good reason. They cost the same as a standard flush toilet but have a water saving feature for a half flush of liquid waste. It's a win-win for your pocket book and the environment. See our article on dual flush toilets and put one of these water saving bad boys in your home ASAP!